Logo Merchants Partners S.A.

Merchants Partners SA was established in Geneva in January 2015 and the main business activity is:

Supplier’s Credit: Merchants Partners purchases the goods that the industries decide to buy and, independently from their nature (commodities, raw materials, semi-finished products, machines, vehicles, equipment and plants), may provide the buyers with credit terms. The cost of the credit is fixed and final for its entire life.

Export Credit: Merchants Partners sets up solutions for financing specific exports with officially supported Export Credits (direct lending, financial intermediary loan, interest rate equalization).

Discounting term trade receivables: Merchants Partners purchases with or without recourse to any previous holder the term receivables falling due at fixed maturity dates, arising from the deliveries of goods related to export transactions.

Back-office services: Merchants Partners advises the industrial clients on cash-flow management, invoicing and processing of documentary transactions (Letters of Credit, Stand-by, Guarantees, documentary collections).